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MBB: Remember Those Pep Rally Things from H.S.?

So here we are 3-0 in ACC play, and that hasn't happened since 2013. This article isn't about stats or scores, and chances are that if you are reading this, you already know those things. Think of this as a literary pep rally if you will.

We are all fans of NC State athletics, whether it be football, basketball, baseball, or any of the other sports teams. In terms of men's basketball, we have a chance to do something special this year. I know there has been a lot of frustration with the program, and it has been a long time since we have seen the kind of success that we want to see. I have been guilty of being negative just as much as anyone, but I have changed my perspective over the last few years. We are Wolfpack fans! We are passionate and we want to win, but in order for that to happen, we need to come together as a nation to create the kind of excitement that fosters a vibrant, winning program. It's easy to get frustrated and down, but basketball is supposed to be fun. We are fans because we get enjoyment and satisfaction from it.

If we become a unified fanbase with the goal being to have fun and to help this team win, then I believe it will help to propel this team to new heights. Energy is important in every aspect of life, but there are two kinds of energy, good and bad. It's amazing what good energy can do. Some of you will think I have gone off my rocker, but good positive energy is responsible for so many good things happening. This team needs to feel that energy, to gain more confidence, and to believe in themselves.

With social media and the internet being what it is, it has become so easy for players and coaches to read fans comments. If those comments are negative, it can affect them by causing doubt and feelings of not being supported or appreciated. I'm not saying that I agree with every decision made by the coaches or the administration, but it's all part of the process. They get paid to make these decisions. I'm learning to just enjoy the ride and feel fortunate that we have such a great university and athletic programs. We spent an hour and a half on our lotcast last week with Ernie Myers, who was a member of the 1983 national championship team, and he talked about how much support from the fans means to players ( you can listen to the lotcast by clicking the bullet in the upper right side of the page). It's empowering to have strong fan support. Success breeds success, and that is much easier to accomplish with positive backing.

This team is still finding its chemistry, and there is so much talent this season. It also takes coaches a little time to learn how to get the most out of the talent pool at their disposal. They are getting better, and they have some confidence and momentum after winning a tough game against Notre Dame and thoroughly dominating Virginia. Two very different types of games, but you have to learn to win when you aren't playing your best, and to finish strong when you are.

There are roughly 350 division 1 universities in the United States, and only one of them can win the national championship. Those really aren't great odds, but improbable things happen. The only people who thought that we would win the national championship in 1983 were the players, the fans, and Jim Valvano. He built his team up and showed them that they could win. As fans, let's build up our team and show them that we do support them and believe in them, and let's bring excitement back to Wolfpack mens basketball. I can't think of a better time to start than Wednesday night, when we play UNC at PNC arena. Let's be loud and proud and help these guys beat the tarheels. Their confidence will continue to grow if we do, and we will be at the top of the ACC standings. Let's make this a special season, and enjoy the wins! Let's have some fun and Go Pack!



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