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Reflections on Omaha and the Pack 9

So things didn't go as well as they could have in Omaha for the College World Series, but it was still a special season for NC State baseball. Key injuries hampered this team all year, and yet they fought through it and made it back to Omaha after the 2021 travesty. It would have truly been amazing to have added an NCAA championship to Elliott Avent’s resume, but this team has made Wolfpack Nation very proud and has provided some very exciting baseball all year.

Winning a championship is ultimately the goal of every team, but this team did some very special things, and I suspect next season will bring more excitement and big plays. Baseball is a sport that is unpredictable and very fickle. There is also an element of luck in baseball that doesn't necessarily resonate with other sports. Sometimes you have to be lucky and good. The long ball was the nemesis for this team during their trip to Omaha, but so be it.

It’s comforting to know that NC State baseball is here to stay and to be competitive year in and year out. Elliott Avent is a coaching legend and I hope he gets another shot at a title because he deserves it, and this team deserves the respect of Wolfpack fans everywhere. He has built something special and the future is bright for the Pack 9.



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