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Week 10 Predictions - NC State @ Wake Forest

Heard any interesting news this week? Feels like it's been a pretty slow news week, to be honest. Nothing of major note that needs to be talked about...holds hand to ear piece... what's that?... He WHAT?!?!

Welllllll, anyways, a new era dawns (again) for NC State this week, as Brennan Armstrong returns to the starting role for the Wolfpack's trip to Winston-Salem against Wake Forest. Even though this year has not gone well for the Fighting Dave Clawsons, it continues to the ol' House o' Horrors for the Pack. Regardless of the alleged talent disparity, ranking, or odds of winning, NC State has managed to lose at that equivalent of a high school stadium time and time again.

.... And yet, something just might be different with this team. Those kooky kids might have just enough moxy to pull this off. Or, maybe they'll fall apart and this will be yet another example of NC State giving you glimmers of hope only to rip it away. But hey, positive vibes only, right?

Let's see how the panel thinks this game will turn out:




Alec Lower

27-10 (W)

I'm feeling good. Think State gets after the QB, KC has a big game, and State wins going away.

Essad Malik

16-10 (W)​

I may be setting myself up for disappointment in thinking the Pack can pull off the win in Winston, but I don't know, the vibes feel good with this team. I feel like they'll come out with an even meaner edge on defense than they've been having. You know Armstrong will give it his all, and I have a sense the team will rally around him and each other to do just enough to pull out the win.

Trey Lower

20-17 (W)

It's been a divisive week for NC State football, but the team appears to be in a good head space… we think… I expect an improved Brennan Armstrong, who has sort of begun a redemption arc off the field. Can he have one on it? I say yes; those four weeks watching the offense and Anae now knowing what personnel he has, should hopefully be a sign of improvement

Joel Seagle

28-10 (W)

I have a feeling that Armstrong will play well. We haven't had a whole lot of success against Wake lately, but I don't think the home field advantage is going to matter. Defense should be dominant, and they should force some turnovers.


So, what do you think will happen this week? Let us know in the comments below, and respond in the poll with your pick!

Who do you think will win?

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Great win for the Pack! never trailing and defense was awesome! Brennan and the O put points on the board. Nice road win and 3 straight conference victories to boot! 9 wins anyone, anyone??

Essad Malik
Essad Malik
Nov 13, 2023
Replying to

9 wins definitely still on the table! Not going to be easy but it's there if they play like this

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