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Week 3 Predictions - NC State vs VMI

NC State looks to bounce back from the loss to Notre Dame with their requisite cupcake of the season. Like the Wolfpack, the VMI Keydets stand at 1-1. Instead of a loss to the #10 team in the country, they lost 21-13 to Bucknell, so basically the same thing.

In week 1, they skated by Davidson 12-7. I love random point totals like that. They scored a touchdown and missed the PAT, then later scored the go-ahead TD and failed the two-point conversion attempt.

Their QB, Collin Ironside, can kinda sorta sling it. Technically he has more passing yards than NC State's Brennan Armstrong (459 vs 415), so we at least know he's capable of completing multiple forward passes.

This is the Pack's final "tune-up" game of the season, and the last chance to "get right" before conference play. This is what they need to accomplish a few things Saturday to make it a successful day:

  1. Win

  2. Don't lose

  3. Don't suffer injuries

  4. Don't allow multiple 50+ yard TD plays for the third straight game

  5. Show you can complete a game without any mental lapses on defense

  6. Ideally have a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter to give MJ Morris some run. Now, whether Dave Doeren allows him to attempt multiple passes in this situation is another thing

  7. Finish the game with a final score > your opponent's score

On to the panel's picks:




Alec Lower

48-3 (W)

I suspect NC State may be the better team.

Essad Malik

34-10 (W)

We'd expect the offense to have a points explosion, but I'm not convinced the offense is ready for that. I hope they can work out the kinks, connect on some longer plays and then pack the starters in and get out unscathed. Should be a good chance to see MJ Morris.

Trey Lower

41-6 (W)

Unless NC State just forgets to show up, this should be a perfect "get right" game after Notre Dame.


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We win pretty easily I think. Hopefully it can help instill a little confidence. Also, the offense needs to have a really big game. It might break them out of their funk.

Essad Malik
Essad Malik
Sep 17, 2023
Replying to

Very prescient!

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