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Week 9 Predictions - NC State vs Miami

NC State is coming off an emotional win against Clemson and now has to turn around to face a slumping Miami Hurricanes team in primetime Saturday night. Miami lost in hilarious fashion to Georgia Tech when coach Mario Cristobal elected not to kneel the ball at the end of the game, leading to a fumble and comeback win for the Yellow Jackets. The Canes followed that up with needing overtime to best UVA. The Wahoos continue to improve week to week, but still, Miami should have handled them easier than that. Something is definitely up with the Hurricanes, but at times that is just the right time to play NC State. The Wolfpack have a habit of helping teams bust their slump or assisting with players looking to set career records. Maybe this won't happen, since Clemson was a prime candidate for this scenario, but who knows?

Let's see what the panel thinks:




Alec Lower

27-17 (W)

I think State hits on a few things offensively in this game, and it's enough to put away Miami late after another good game from the defense.

Essad Malik

17-24 (L)

As far as I know NC State has never beaten Miami since they've entered the ACC, at least during the Doeren era. There's no way to confirm this and I haven't done any amount of research to confirm or deny this stat, so I'm just going to go with it as if it's fact. There's just something about playing the Hurricanes that trips up the Pack. It's interesting that State normally would only have played them every seven years and the way the schedules have shifted to have them face for the third time in four years. I just worry that the offense will not mature enough to keep with the Canes. They have a sneaky good running game and Van Dyke is bound to pop off with a good game, and sometimes State is so helpful they can help people get out of their slumps, that's just how helpful they are.

Trey Lower

24-17 (W)

This game always seems to be high scoring, but the Pack defense dictates the score this time. Not the same Tyler Van Dyke we saw two years ago. State wins another tight one.

Joel Seagle

24-21 (W)

I just have a feeling about this one. Braden Narveson wins it with a walk off 57 yard field goal.

ESPN Predicto-bot

Miami 66.4% chance to win

Sure, why not


So, what do you think will happen this week? Let us know in the comments below, and respond in the poll with your pick!

Who do you think will win?

  • NC State Wolfpack

  • Miami Hurricanes


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If we can limit TO‘s, stupid penalties and dropped passes this is a game we can win. All about execution today. Go Pack!!


Outstanding work by the defense! Go Pack!

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