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Welcome to Trinity Road Times

Welcome to the newest coverage outlet for NC State Athletics.

*Takes a huge inhale*

"Oh yeah, still has that new site smell."

My name is Alec Lower and I've been writing about Wolfpack Athletics in some capacity for the last nine years. I'm thrilled to help bring you Trinity Road Times, a brand new outlet and community for Pack fans. I'm joined by my fellow SB Nation and NC State alum Essad Malik and professional broadcaster Trey Lower. We're striving to bring you coverage at the highest level possible. We are fans, and we make no bones about being fans, but our priority is providing accurate, thought-out, and original analysis and opinions. No shock jocks here. That's our promise to you.

We hope you'll add us to your list of reads when it comes to the red and white and help make this a community welcoming for all Wolfpack fans. You can become a member here for free. Now please enjoy this gif of Drake Thomas embarrassing a combination block and making an open-field tackle.

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